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Hi, I'm Jordan Kales, and I'm a sales coach. I teach specific sales, prospecting and objection handling strategies.


I have been in sales for 14 years now and I did not start off a natural born salesperson. In fact, when I first got into sales I was so nervous to speak to people I can remember losing my breath when talking to potential customers, making me stop mid conversation just to catch my breath. Sales is a skill like any other, a skill that is extremely learnable. I have spent thousands on sales courses, 5000+ hours studying sales, and read more than 100 sales books. I also know what it feels like to feel frustrated in a business you’re passionate about and not being able to make sales because you lack the right skills and strategies. The confidence that comes from learning the skills of sales doesn’t just apply to business. Sales is everywhere and it’s completely changed my life for the better. My mission now is to educate brands on how to sell effectively and gain the confidence to take control of their business and their life. Sales is one of the most important skills to a brand because after all, a business without sales is just a hobby.

My Services.

One on one coaching.

Are you trying to grow your business but can’t find a way to increase your client base?


A business without sales is just a hobby.


That’s why you’re here after all. 


You’re most likely experiencing the anxiety that comes along with not being able to close clients. 


You’re likely struggling with prospect’s giving you a handful of objections that you are unable to overcome combined with your prospect’s just not showing enough interest in talking with you. 


Or maybe you don’t even know to start a conversation with a potential prospect? Or how to find quality prospects that can be great long term paying clients?


So hopefully by now you’ve probably realized followers and quality content is not enough to build a business. 


Without effective selling and prospecting strategies your business will remain a hobby. That’s because you aren’t making enough or any money. 


Let’s change that.

Sales Mastery - The Complete Guide to Selling on Instagram

This step by step guide from start to finish teaches you exactly how to create quality leads and convert them into real sales.

If you’re trying to sell on instagram you already know the struggle when it comes to actually making sales:


  • Do you constantly experience your prospects saying..."I'm not interested." "It's too expensive." "I can't afford it." "I'll get back to you." "Now is not a good time."

  • Do you find it difficult to find quality leads that actually want to buy from you?

  • Do you find your attempts to create quality leads resulting in barely any clients?

  • Are you reaching out to people about your product/service but no one is ever interested?

  • Do you struggle to start a conversation with a prospect?

  • Do you struggle to find the right questions to ask your prospects to get them interested in you?

  • Do your prospects constantly ignore you or give you endless objections?


If you answered YES to any of these above questions then Sales Mastery was designed for you.

Working Cafe

Discover if you qualify for coaching with me and uncover what's holding you back in creating wealth and serving your clients.

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